Destroying the defence echelons. A new concept in security industry

The issue of business and personal safety has been relevant over the years, however in the 21st century, globalisation has updated the problem of security and made this issue number 1. Major corporations maintain monopolistic positions in the markets by absorbing and destroying market partners. Most startups, lacking the ability to compete with techno giants, set their goal in the business plan to promote themselves and sell it as beneficially as possible, as absorption is often inevitable. Yet in a market that is dominated by unfair competition, the term “profitable acquisitions” is viewed differently by the participants. Some are bought for millions or billions of dollars, while others, on the contrary, face bankruptcy and forced sale. Analysing market trends, we can distinguish a tendency for the number of aggressive acquisitions to increase.

Giants are the most active investing companies in times of global crises as a result of significant depreciation of assets. Entrepreneurs have clearly demonstrated complete helplessness when faced with the global threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. But the primary threat remains the inability to protect their assets from short-term attacks by other participants, who engage in a lure of grey schemes and unfair competition methods. The reasons for helplessness include the lack of effective defence on the one hand and the fact that particular organisations are skilled in destroying any defence on the other. This is precisely the subject of the book “Swaying Scene”, authored by PhD Oleg Maltsev, a scientist from Ukraine.

The latter is Oleg Maltsev’s forth book in a series dedicated to the legendary Cus D’Amato and Mike Tyson. The author does not just write the life story of these outstanding people, but shares with the expert community pictorial scientific works considering methodology for training world champions and explaining a fairly basic point: “There are no born world champions — people are raised to become world champions”. Earlier books have received positive reviews from academics, world boxing experts and people involved in professional training. And no wonder, since the approach of legendary coach Cus D’Amato, who nurtured three world champions – Jose Torres, Floyd Patterson and Mike Tyson – is outlined and scientifically substantiated in every book.

The “Swaying Scene” was no exception. It remains a clearly structured scientific work, yet with a single distinction. It is no longer a psychological and criminological analysis of the Cus D’Amato method, a method that produced absolute world champions. This book is not one about how boxing creates champions and earns millions of dollars. “Swaying Scene” focuses on the way one billion dollars was robbed from the “iron Mike”. Our intention is to attract public interest to this book among businessmen, politicians, public figures and people who are involved in complex security. This book indeed provides a unique perspective on both security and the principles of destroying the defence echelons of any person or organisation.

The Defence Echelons

Every person or organisation has echelons of defence, even if one has never considered that before. These echelons are the ones that ensure a secure environment. However, their effectiveness can vary. Mike Tyson felt completely safe for a while. Here in the US, he is still considered a national hero, despite a lot of nonsense and fatal mistakes he has committed.

Ingenious Cus D’Amato constructed an impressive multi-level defence in Mike’s lifetime that prevented him from doing anything stupid or from rewarding his opponents any chances both inside and outside the boxing ring. The first was the figure of Cus D’Amato who had already raised three world heavyweight champions. Cus was described as a man of a sharp character with a strong and dangerous reputation. While Cus was still alive, no one even crossed their mind to attempt on Tyson’s fortune. The second component is the two executives whom Cus D’Amato had been dealing with since 1975: Bill Caton and Jimmy Jacobs. They were two outstanding financiers who definitely did not adhere to the world of “tolerance and social values”. They were among the wealthiest people in the United States at the time. No money could be seized from Jimmy Jacobs or Bill Caton. Both managers were not only very ‘harsh guys’, there was an entire criminal structure behind their backs. So nobody was willing to openly conflict with them. Thirdly, there was a team of professionals after Tyson. The people who coached Mike, helped him in his training, supported and guided him. People like Kevin Rooney, Teddy Atlas and Steve Lott, who was acting as a consultant in “Swaying Scene” writing. Those are all people with extremely complicated backgrounds. A few of them were named in the 80’s as bandits and gangsters. In fact, this vertical three-storey defence allowed Mike Tyson to live safely, box, become a champion and have no trouble.

Steve Lott and Mike Tyson

And what did it require to steal one billion dollars from Tyson? Definitely to destroy that defence. Time is the most terrible destructive factor. Everything started with Cus D’Amato dying in one day. To some extent, Cus’s death was predictable, and it came as no surprise to anyone. However, Mike, unapproved by his mentor, fell under the radar of some kind of “X” system. Who are these people? Nobody knows the directors and scriptwriters of ‘Let’s rob Mike Tyson’ project, these people have not been identified to this day. Or rather, nobody really was aware of them until the book “Swaying Scene” was published.

Due to legal reasons, we are not going to mention in the article the names of the person who is responsible for the robbery of Mike Tyson. It is far more interesting to discover how such a powerful ‘Iron Mike’ defence system was destroyed. In terms of psychology, sociology and criminology, a characterisation of the methods of defensive destruction can bring a powerful practical effect to businessmen who need to prevent similar attacks in the future.

Destruction of defence

There were no fools or amateurs in the group who chose the approach of destroying the defence that was guarding Mike Tyson’s capital, but still this defence system was destroyed. Oleg Maltsev, the author of the book “Swaying Scene”, indicates the 4 components involved:

Component #1
Highly qualified experts capable of defining strategy and tactics for the bloodless sampling of one billion dollars. Only private intelligence class people will be able to meet the challenges of this tactical level.

Component #2
Performers or credible actors are required. These people must be trusted, tested and recruited, and reliable even in extreme situations. They must possess acting and “personal qualities” sufficient to be capable of playing what is wanted and when it is wanted without consultants or support. This is vital for the implementation of the project scenario.

Component #3
It requires assistants – staff members who might insure, guard, advise and simply psychologically support the “actors” of the script. It is not enough to have specialists like the Bar company’s employees or a group of attorneys. It is also important to ensure, no one knows about the procedure or even that these people never reveal the details of a special operation to anyone. However, even for a private intelligence agency executive “actors” and handlers were not ‘enough’ to destroy the defence constructed by Cus D’Amato.

Component #4
Such a large-scale and extended transaction would require a considerable amount of money. All of the above is worth a lot of money.

In this article, why do we focus so much on the destruction of defence? It is entirely irrelevant in which country or region someone has decided to rob you or take away your business. The first stage is always the destruction of a defence of an individual. That is one of the most crucial conclusions outlined by PhD Oleg Maltsev. There is hardly any scientific methodological work on this subject. Personally, we consider the breakthrough and detailed description of this phenomenon to be the author’s genuine contribution to the security industry. The reader may learn more about how this plan was implemented step by step in Mike Tyson’s case in the book “Swaying Scene”.

We confirm, therefore, that all the above mentioned elements are still widely used today. All these methods are effectively applied for raider attacks, unscrupulous mergers and acquisitions, discrediting public and political figures. We are sincerely grateful to Oleg Maltsev, the author of the  “Swaying Scene”, along with his friend and consultant Steve Lott, president of the Boxing Hall of Fame in Las Vegas (BHOF). This work is a serious ground for research and analysis of security technologies and protection systems required by every organisation or person.