Watch Webinar – Gaza War Update 7/10/24

The Israel Defense Forces are operating throughout the Gaza Strip, including reinvading Gaza City, even as major combat operations in Rafah are reportedly near their end. At the same time, negotiations toward a hostage and ceasefire deal have resumed in Cairo as Hamas reportedly dropped one of its key demands that Israel agree to a permanent ceasefire. In the north, Hezbollah has continued its heavy bombardment of northern Israel, with barrages of up to 200 projectiles per day in the last week.

JINSA hosted a situational update covering these and other regional developments in Israel’s war against Iran’s proxies with JINSA’s Julian and Jenny Josephson Senior Vice President for Israeli Affairs IDF MG (ret.) Yaacov Ayish and JINSA Distinguished Fellow IDF MG (ret.) Yaakov Amidror. The discussion was moderated by JINSA Vice President for Policy Blaise Misztal.